GREBE is a Duisburg and Cologne based electronic pop trio with jazz influences consisting of Jan Krause (guitar, synth), Konrad Matheus (drums) and Daria Assmus (vocals, synth, fx), which was founded in 2015 in Arnhem.  Their unique and full sound is characterized by the use of clear melodies and unconventional harmonies. GREBE mixes fixed song structures with imrovised parts and works conceptional by picking up musical and narrative ideas throughout different songs. The vivid stories told by the warm voice of singer and lyricist Daria Assmus are supported by distinctive guitar sounds, edgy beats and the minimalist use of electronic devices. In their jazzy, soulful and mystic songs GREBE takes their audience to foggy forests, softly lit glades or down to the bottom of the sea. The duo has been performing on festivals such as „booster“ (Eschede,NL) or „Klangmulde“ (Moers, GER). In 2019 they were nominated as Newcoming Artists at PopNRW. In 2021 they released ther debut EP „PLUME“.

Watch „Someone for you“ by GREBE:



RasgaRasga are pure energy. Six musical crossovers, twelve instruments,
four languages and a firework of emotions – like a rapid, RasgaRasga carry their audience to a colorful, glittering place. A place of letting oneself go, of togetherness and embracing the moment.
With their new program „Aperitif“ RasgaRasga celebrate their own style of popular music with always exciting new genre fusions and transcultural influences. Getting creative in the midst of the pandemic, in the upcoming releaseexpress their heartbeat, their moods and feelings: sometimes euphorically erupting and then again hypnotically monotonous, sometimes melancholically wide, to then again energetically driven forward. In doing so, the six musicians develop a maelstrom that carries the audience along and pulls them onto the dance floor.

Watch „Monotonie“ by RasgaRasga:



Driving bass lines, energetic brass riffs, epic guitar solos, funky keys – refined with a hint of jazz, a touching, powerful voice that gets under your skin & a groove that pulls you onto the dance floor. If you love the real retro sound you’ve come to the right place. The bass drum of the Cologne band beats for the soul & groove music of the 60s and 70s. The singers of the soul era were confident, they were authentic, their music was real & moving. This special feeling embodies the band „Daria and the Groove Foundation“ in their own arrangements of the great soul songs by artists such as Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Dusty Springfield, Gladys Knight, Etta James, Otis Redding & many more. The band’s sound is honest & powerful, inspired by contemporary artists like Tom Misch and Vulfpeck, spiced with a pinch of jazz funk reminiscent of Cory Henry & the Funk Apostles. In 2019 the band got together at the music academy in Arnhem, now they have their center in Cologne. „Daria and the Groove Foundation“ played their debut concert as an opener for none other than Sir Tom Jones in the Burgtheater in Dinslaken! The band can be booked as a quintet (vocals, guitar, keys, bass, drums) or a septet (plus trumpet & saxophone). For the full retro sound experience we recommend the large line-up with our wind section.

Watch „I heard it Through the Grapevine“ by Daria and the Groove Foundation:

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