Daria Assmus is a singer and composer based in Cologne. From 2015 to 2019 she studied Jazz and Pop Music at ArtEZ Conservatory in Arnhem, Netherlands.

She has a huge passion for Soul Music since she was a little girl. This has led her to developing an own sound, that is influenced by artists like Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Charlotte Day Wilson and Beth Gibbons. At the age of 15 Daria Assmus has been writing her own songs with which she then started working in various band projects.
Today she is the lead vocalist of the experimental pop band „Plattentektonik„. The german songs are characterized by the mixture of singing and spoken word as well as a blending of composed parts and improvised elements.
In 2015 she started the duo „Grebe“ Together with guitarist Jan Krause. By experimenting with electronic devices, they create jazzy songs with a mystic vibe.

Furthermore Daria sings in the musical „Rock ‘n Rollator Show“ led by the musical director Michael Barfuss. The show is performed in renowned theatres like „Haus der Springmaus“ in Bonn, „Savoy Theater“ in Düsseldorf and „Volksbühne am Rudolfplatz“ in Cologne.

In collaboration with Max Kelm Daria composed and sang the title song „Flow Again“ and „Weep your Name“ of season 1 and 2 of the german queer series „Kuntergrau“.

In 2018 she accompanied the German ensemble „Brasssonanz“ as a soloist during their „Too Darn Hot“- Tour through the North of Germany. The 13 musicians played in venues like „Elbphilharmonie“ in Hamburg or the „Dom St. Petri“ in Schleswig. Other concerts were given at „Euregio Musikfestival“ and „Schleswig Holstein Musikfestival“.

2019 she debuted with her own Soul Night at Pantheon Theater in Bonn and Staatstheater Oldenburg. In August 2019 she opened the stage with her band „Daria and the Groove Foundation“ for Sir Tom Jones at Fantastival at Burgtheater Dinslaken.

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